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Shopkins Games are the favorite girl games that feature the famous toys and dolls (also called Shopkins Shoppies) from the Shopkins toys family.

Welcome to the world of Shopkins! Exprience the amazing Shopkins dress up games, Shopkins party games, Shopkins Shoppies games and much more!

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About Shopkins Games

Shopkins Games are based on the tiny collectible toys having a character and name and made by the company named Moose Toys. These characters can be seen in every Shopkins game. Although, in real life these dolls/toys are just 1 inch tall ad 1 inch wide.

The main characters of Shopkins Game, the toys, are being released by Moose from time to time. Since the launch of first shopkin, hundreds of Shopkins characters have been released in eight seasons.

These games are specially aimed for girls but its surprising to know that they appeal to both the genders. In addition to Shopkins Games, e international toy seller also made a web cartoon series.

Trivia: In total there are 62 Shopkins and 11 Shoppies that you can play with in Shopkins Games

The toys features in the Shopkins Games are categorised according to their rarity as provided below.

  • Common
  • Exclusive
  • Limited Edition
  • Rare
  • Special Edition
  • Ultra Rare

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Most Popular : Shopkins Dress Up Games

Talking about Shopkins Games, the most popular one are the Shopkins Dress Up Games. You may wonder why? That’s because these games feature the Shopkins Shoppies – the fun and cool shopkeeper dolls.

Shopkins Shoppies dress up games are loved by girls as they let you dress your favorite Shoppies dolls using various accessories like clothes, hairstyles, makeup, shoes etc. Give you dolls the most unique and pretty look and show them your friends.

Play Shopkins Dress Up Games Now!

Shopkins Games for Android / iOS

You already know that you can play Shopkins Games on our website on any platform including desktop, laptops, mobile phones and tablets etc. But if you want to download Shopkins Games to your smartphone (Android/iOS), you can do so without any hassle.

The official Shopkins Games for Android / iOS are available in their respective application stores where you can download and install on your device.


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Shopkins FAQ

How many shopkins are there to collect?

There are exactly 2090 Shopkins to collect from all 11 seasons of Shopkins. With every season, around 100-200 new Shopkin toys are released and therefore the number of shopkin toys keeps on increasing.

How many seasons of Shopkins are there going to be?

A total of 11 seasons of Shopkins are released. Looking at the popularity of Shopkins, we can safely say that there are going to be many more seasons of Shopkins for kids to enjoy.

How Old is Shopkins?

Shopkins were first released in June 2014 by Paul solomon, the co-cheif of Moose Toys and the creator of Shopkins. Moose Toys is an Australian company that manufactures these collectible toys for kids.

What is the rarest Shopkins of all?

One of rarest Shopkins of all is Gemma Stone which was sold for $21,500 in 2015. Moose Toys releases Limited Edition Shopkins with different unique finishes which is the reason for the rarity.

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